The Friary Hotel
The Friary Hotel

Built in 1731, as a townhouse by Samuel Crompton,  probably to a design by Richard Jackson. The building was extended in 1760 and again in 1875 and the 1950s. It was the home of the Boden family from 1873 to 1922. Henry Boden and his wife Mary worked tirelessly for temperance.   In 1922, following the death of Henry Boden, his widow found the house too large and sold it to the Whitaker family. Shortly afterwards they set about transforming it into a licensed hotel, much to the annoyance of Mrs Boden.

It was built on part of the grounds that once belonged to a Dominican Monastery, which built a large friary with some 16 acres of parkland featuring fishponds, a chapel and other buildings.


On the left-hand side of Friar Gate as you leave the city centre, near the crossroads with Stafford Street and Ford Street.